Inspired by the classic ARCB, we have stayed true to the modern design, yet redefined the artisanal nature of the model. Each shoe is made with the highest quality “Vitello” leather which is individually hand-painted with specifically mixed pigments. This process ensures that no two shoes are the same. Each painting process begins by hand mixing a quantity large enough to cover just the pair of shoes being made

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Añel Women shoes

We all know the old-school rule 
of making sure your shoes and belt always match.
Create your own custom belt to match your shoes 
or wear it alone.

100% Italian leather shoes
Añel Racer Collection - Handmade in Italy
Maintenance of all your Añel Racer Collection leather items. If you want to keep your skillfully handcrafted Añel Italian leather products follow these 10 simple steps recommended by Añel Racer Collection team making sure they stand the test of time. Feed your Añel leather products with a neutral cream every now and then to help maintain their natural oils. Keep all leather items out of direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading. Use the Añel bags received with your shoes to protect the leather from scratches during storage. Keep leather away from extreme heat as it can dry out the natural oils. Take immediate action if leather gets wet. Wipe it with a soft cloth, pack the inside with paper to absorb any further wetness and leave it to dry naturally. Remember that leather is a natural material, so it is normal for small color variations and even small imperfections to be visible on the surface. For the shoes we recommend using a shoe last or pad to keep their shape, while of the belt's leather, hang them from the buckle. Avoid spraying perfume near leather as it can affect the colour. Do not store light colored leather next to dark colored leather as the darker shade may "migrate" or chafe and cause irreversible damage. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents as they will damage the skin.
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The modern, aerodynamic, and lightweight design and diverse color combinations of the ARC 2.0 makes it a truly unique, timeless, and unforgettable shoe. Similar to the ARC Collection, the ARC 2.0 model has a rubber sole, with a flexible and unstructured design. The shoe has hand-stitched details throughout, making the model modern but always preserving the old artisanal tradition. The inside is completely lined with the softest calfskin leather further enhancing the unbeatable comfort, and the delicate uppers are also crafted with the finest leathers. The final touch comes with the individual hand-painted Añel logo to mark the laborious craftsmanship of the product.
Italian Leather Shoes
Añel Accessories - Sunglasses made in Italy - Profumo uomo

The Añel men's sandals are made with the finest Italian braided calfskin leather for a soft and luxurious feel with an unmatched standard for comfort. Each sandal is braided entirely by the hands of our Master Artisan, expressing artistry in every detail. The handmade leather sole further adds to complete the artisanal look as it is completely and individually stitched by expert hands.

​​​Our shoes are 100% handmade in Italy by master artisans entirely dedicated to their
craft. For centuries, Italian craftsmanship has upheld the highest standards of quality in
the virtuosity of artisanal techniques. The Made in Italy stamp, is the element that
assures and characterizes this level of excellence in all our products. Once you try the
product yourself, you will truly feel and understand the value of these skills that have
outlived history

The Añel men's sandals are made with the finest Italian braided calfskin leather for a soft and luxurious feel with an unmatched standard for comfort. 

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