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The Añel he classic Italian statement piece. Inspired by the elegant motif of Italian menswear. The ARSY is skillfully crafted with the highest quality suede and calf leather. The designs and subtle color schemes are easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe. Add a matching suede or polished leather custom belt and a linen shirt to feel like you are strolling down the streets of the Amalfi Coast with this unforgettable shoe.

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The Añel ARSX Collection shoes are 100% Made in Italy with the finest materials.
Modern and cool, the ARCB Collection has some of our most incredible texture and color combinations. Armed with the same sole as the ARK Collection, each step you take will feel like walking on a cloud. The zippers on the ARCB made with the highest quality lightweight aluminum glide smoothly, making them a breeze to put on and take off. The lining is made of exceptionally soft “vitello” leather to assure the unforgettable comfort not commonly found in a boot style shoe. Buffed to perfection and hand dyed to our standards of quality, the ARCB is a exceptional choice for a wardrobe statement.

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The Añel ARK Collection shoes are 100% Made in Italy with the finest materials.
Anel ART COLLECTION Flawless ​​​Italian craftsmanship, where the feel of quality is at first sight.  The ART Collection is our top of the line shoe model. With an innovative design that puts comfort first, the ART is the perfect shoe for someone looking to make a statement. The uppers are made with the finest Italian calfskin leather for a soft to the touch feel. A velcro strap, provides ease when slipping the shoe on and off. The handmade leather sole further adds to complete the luxurious look as it is completely and individually stitched by expert hands. (esto se podria divider entre la pagina del art, similar a como lo temenos ahora)
The Añel ARC 2.0 Collection shoes are 100% Made in Italy with the finest materials.
The ARC Model is the original Añel Racer shoe. Based on the complexities of a driver shoe, the ARC is comfortable and relaxed. The shoe is lined with leather of the finest quality and finished with delicate suede features. The model is entirely handstitched by our master artisans truly making it an artisanal masterpiece. The ARC embodies modern, creative, and featherlike comfort you can sense the moment you slip on the shoe.