Añel Racer Collection - Handmade in Italy

The shoe is then mounted on the form and sent to the oven at 150 degrees Celsius to seal the
work and give structure to the insole.
Then, the lower part of the shoe model is sanded to ensure a homogeneous surface that will
provide the base for the sole.
Lastly, the final touches are 
hand painted and the leather is polished to achieve the ultimate
luxurious finish.
At this 
 the shoe is ready to be shipped out and enjoyed by you!

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100% Handmade in Italy

Crafting the Racer Shoes 


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How the Master Artisans Craft Each Individual Shoe to the Highest Standards of Quality
First, the leather is carefully selected for each model. We use only the highest quality calfskin for
an unforgettable feel.

These leathers are then hand-dyed to create the eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors so
iconic in our models.

100% Handmade in Italy

The first stitch is inserted in the front of the shoe, to ensure the model has the correct shape.
This is done with 
high quality waxed thread of one millimeter to ensure the longevity of the stitching.
This is then continued to the back end of the shoe where the heel meets.

Next, the leather is individually cut by hand in the form of the models
At this 
point, the individual pieces are placed together and prepared to be stitched by hand. This
is when the models come to life! However, this is also the most important part of the entire
process. The artisans must be extremely precise in uniting the pieces to make sure they line up
perfectly once the sewing begins.

100% Handmade in Italy
100% Handmade in Italy
100% Handmade in Italy