Añel Racer Collection - Handmade in Italy

We all know the old-school rule of making sure your shoes and belt always match.

​Create your own custom belt to match your shoes or wear it alone.

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Italian Calfskin Belts
Añel Racer Collection - Handmade in Italy
Italian Calfskin Belts
The Anel Racer Collection is entirely hand made in Italy with the finest materials for people passionate about fast cars.Handmade in Italy

ARC 2.0 - 0010 

​​$ 390.00 

Cod: ARC 2.0 - 0010 Singapore

Color : Black - Grey

Material :Italian Calf leather 

Singapore model is made of blue soft calf leather with a rubber sole, Its flexible and unstructured design has been refined with hand-stitched details making the model modern but always preserving the old artisanal tradition, it is an extremely versatile shoe. 
Classic charm with a relaxed soul.​
100% HandMade in Italy